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Cicero Family Dental Care
8382 Elta Drive, Cicero, NY 13039
(680) 688-6026

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Cicero Family Dental | Dentist Cicero, NY
At Cicero Family Dental we believe that healthy patients start with a healthy team that know the foundation the practice is built upon. Learn more here!
    About Us | Cicero Family Dental
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    For Patients
    For Patients | Cicero Family Dental
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    Dental Services
      Meet Dr. Shafey Sayed
      Meet Our Team
      Dental Technology
      Financial and Insurance
      Patient Testimonials
      Family Dentistry
      Restorative Dentistry
      Restorative Dentistry | Cicero, NY | Cicero Dental Care
      There are various facets of restorative dentistry, including its techniques, benefits, and the potential it holds for those seeking a revitalized smile. Learn more here!
      Cosmetic Dentistry
      Emergency Dentistry

      Other Webpages

      Clear Aligners - dentist Cicero NY
      Clear Aligners
      Dental Bonding - dentist Cicero NY
      Dental Bonding
      Dental Bridge - dentist Cicero NY
      Dental Bridge
      Dental Cleaning - dentist Cicero NY
      Dental Cleaning
      Dental Crown - dentist Cicero NY
      Dental Crown
      Dental Exam - dentist Cicero NY
      Dental Exam
      Dental Filling - dentist Cicero NY
      Dental Filling
      Dental Implant - dentist Cicero NY
      Dental Implant
      Dental Sealants - dentist Cicero NY
      Dental Sealants Cicero, NY
      Dental Veneers - dentist Cicero NY
      Dental Veneers
      Dentistry for Kids - dentist Cicero NY
      Dentistry for Kids
      Dentures - dentist Cicero NY
      Fluoride Treatment - dentist Cicero NY
      Fluoride Treatment
      Inlays & Onlays - dentist Cicero NY
      Inlays & Onlays
      Mouthguard - dentist Cicero NY
      Oral Cancer Screening - dentist Cicero NY
      Oral Cancer Screening
      Periodontal Care - dentist Cicero NY
      Periodontal Care
      Porcelain Crown - dentist Cicero NY
      Porcelain Crowns
      Request an Appointment - dentist Cicero NY
      Request an Appointment
      Root Canal - dentist Cicero NY
      Root Canal
      Sleep Apnea - dentist Cicero NY
      Sleep Apnea
      Teeth Whitening - dentist Cicero NY
      Teeth Whitening
      TMJ - dentist Cicero NY
      Tooth Extraction - dentist Cicero NY
      Tooth Extraction

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      Cicero, NY

      8382 Elta Drive, Cicero NY 13039
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      About Us | Cicero Family Dental
      Click here to learn more about us today!
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