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Dental Exam

Woman talking to dentist during dental examA dental exam is one of the best tools a dental professional can use to assess the oral health of an individual. These exams are crucial in helping catch and identify problems with your teeth, gums, jawbone, bite, and many other things. An early diagnosis allows a dentist to treat their patients in a less invasive and less costly manner. Cicero Family Dental Care will conduct a thorough dental exam during your twice-per-year cleaning to make sure you are receiving the proper care and that any issues you have are identified.

What Happens During A Dental Exam

During a dental exam, our trained professionals examine a patient’s teeth and gums. It is recommended that an individual have an exam every six months to maintain good oral hygiene. If a person has regular dental cleanings, this exam is a part of that same visit. When a member of our team performs the exam, they check your teeth for cavities, plaque, and other signs of disease. They check your gums to see if they are healthy and if the pockets around your teeth are the proper depth. As needed, x-rays will also be part of your dental exam, in addition to an examination of your tongue and an oral cancer screening. The oral cancer screening happens once per year, as do x-rays. Our professionals also check each tooth to ensure they are strong and steady. They also check your lymph nodes, which can be affected by dental issues such as infections or abscesses.

How Long Will A Dental Exam Take?

Dental exams do not take very long to perform. As previously stated, most occur in conjunction with a person’s twice-per-year cleaning. The entire visit takes about an hour, and that includes the exam, the cleaning, the oral cancer screening (once per year), and x-rays (once per year). The exam by itself only takes 20 minutes.

Will A Dental Exam Hurt?

No, a dental exam should not hurt at all. There is always the possibility of some discomfort, but pain isn’t something that should happen. Bitewing dental x-rays can cause discomfort due to the size of the device and if it gets to close to the back of your throat. Also, moving the tongue can feel uncomfortable for some individuals. Should you feel pain, it could be because of dental issues that need treatment.

What Can A Person Do After Their Dental Exam?

Most people can resume all of their normal activities of eating and drinking after their dental exam. It is possible to feel some discomfort or soreness after a visit to the dentist. Another common side effect is tooth sensitivity. These issues should resolve themselves within 24 hours. Some people avoid foods and beverages that are extremely hot or cold during this time as to not exacerbate any potential side effects.

Dental exams are a crucial part of a person’s oral health. These exams provide a dentist with essential information that allows them to treat their patients effectively. Cicero Family Dental Care will conduct your exam professionally and establish the proper treatment plan(s), if needed. Contact us today at (680) 688-6026 to set up an appointment for your comprehensive dental exam.
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