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Dentistry for Kids

Young girl brushing her teethThe teeth and gums of children have needs quite different from that of an adult. To ensure that your child gets the best care, you need to locate a dentist that has experience working with children. The developing gums and teeth of a child need someone who understands their challenges. The professionals at Cicero Family Dental Care understand the challenges of our youngest patients and provide them with quality dental care.

What Dental Issues Are Prevalent In Children?

One of the largest issues seen in children is tooth decay. Children may eat foods and consume drinks that are high in sugar. Until they are older, children also don’t have the best brushing and flossing habits and techniques. Combine this with the fact that enamel on a child’s tooth isn’t as strong as the enamel of an adult’s tooth and the perfect scenario for tooth decay has been created. It is common with kids ages 5-11 have decay in at least one tooth. It may not seem like a big deal if a child has decay on a baby tooth, but it isn’t healthy for kids to lose those teeth before it is time. Missing teeth can cause speaking issues, for starters. Decay can also spread and create other health problems.

Problems related to thumb-sucking are also commonly seen in children. While this is a normal habit that many children do when they are younger, it becomes an issue as children age and their permanent teeth start to come in. A child who sucks their thumb could have issues with their jaw, experience teeth pushed out of alignment, or suffer from speech issues because of poor tooth alignment. All of these can become larger issues later in the child’s life.

When Should A Child Start Visiting The Dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children have their first dental visit at one year or six months after their first baby tooth comes in, whichever comes first. The average age for a child getting their first tooth is six months old. There are reports of babies as young as four months having a tooth erupt through the gum. The latest a parent should wait to take their child to the dentist is age 2. By this age, decay and other issues could already be present.

What Steps Can A Caregiver Take At Home To Promote A Child’s Dental Health?

Guidelines do not recommend toothpaste for use in children until at least 18 months of age. But this does not mean that there should be no type of oral hygiene practice with a child. There are ways to clean a child’s teeth in the meantime. Parents and caregivers should use their finger (covered with a cloth) or a washcloth to rub a child's teeth and gums. This can help remove some of the plaque buildup. Also, avoid giving your child sugary drinks since sugar can promote tooth decay.

It is important to start a child young on the importance of dental hygiene. There are challenges unique to this age group. The professionals at Cicero Family Dental Care are ready to help the youngest members of your family with their specific oral hygiene needs. Contact us today at (680) 688-6026 to schedule your appointment.
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